Initial State Licensing

We provide guidance and direction and in acquiring the company’s initial State Licensing. We specialize in getting the follow types of companies duly licensed:
Home Health Agencies, EMS Providers, Medical Clinics, Personal Assistance Services, Home Dialysis Agencies, Hospice Agencies, Assist Living Facilities.


The licensing process can be tedious, but it does not have to be. We have the resources available to make it as seamless as possible 


Find the License below that interest you and review the details and cost


Type                                             Processing Time                    Cost


Home Health Agency                      6-9 Months                            12,500


EMS Provider License                     6-9 Months                            10,500


Medical Clinics                               2-3 Months                              7,500


Medical Supply License                   2-3 Months                             5,000


Personal Assistance Services          4-5 Months                              9,500


Home Dialysis Agency                    6-9 Months                            17,500


Hospice Agency                             6-9 Months                            15,000


Assist Living Facility                       12 Months                               20,000