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Renewal of
State License

Renewing a State License is never easy not matter how many times you have done it. Infact it seems to get harder every year as new rules and regulations are put in place. However, we have been renewing State Licensing for 17 years. We specialize in getting the follow types of license renewed: Home Health Agencies, EMS Providers, Medical Supply Companies, Personal Assistance Services, Home Dialysis Agencies, Hospice Agencies, Assist Living Facilities.


The renewal process can be tedious, but it does not have to be. We have the resources available to make it as seamless as possible 


Find the License below that you need to renew and review the details and cost


Type                                             Processing Time                    Cost


Home Health Agency                      2-3 Months                            475

EMS Provider License                     2-3 Months                            375

Medical Supply License                  2-3 Months                            500

Personal Assistance Services          2-3 Months                           475

Home Dialysis Agency                    2-3 Months                            500

Hospice Agency                             2-3 Months                            500

Assist Living Facility                        2-3 Months                            500

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