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Pediatric Hospice Care

We Can Help You Get Your Business Fully License & Operation in Less 120 Days

What is Pediatric Hospice Care?

Hospice consists of a medically directed, interdisciplinary team-managed program of services that focuses on the pediatric patient and their family. Pediatric Hospice is the gold standard method of caring for children at the stage of a terminal illness when no further curative or life-prolonging therapy is available or wished to be pursued by a patient or family member. Pediatric Hospice services can assist the family (as well as family caregivers) in making the patient as comfortable as possible by optimizing pain and symptom management and other forms of physical and/or spiritual suffering as needed in a home or home-like setting.

Is Hospice the Same as Supportive Palliative Care?

Hospice care focuses on the patient and families’ needs to ensure they are comfortable and treated with dignity near the end of the patient’s life. This is different than supportive palliative care which focuses on improving quality of life while still actively pursuing and engaging in treatments that can potentially be curative or life-prolonging.


FIRST PHASE (4 to 5) Months

  • Process Incorporation /LLC and EIN Number

  • Process NPI Number for your Hospice Agency

  • Develop the Initial Policies and Procedures for Hospice Agency

  • Develop the Initial Forms & Document or Hospice Agency

  • Process the State Application for Hospice Agency

  • Acquire State License for Hospice Agency

  • Process Medicaid Provider Application with Texas Medicaid

  • Process 1 Medicaid Managed-Care Application

  • Provide  a Resource to Find Pediatric Nurses


  • LLC/INC Filing Fees $325

  • Continuing Education Online Class  $260

  • State Application Fee 3-Year License: $2,625

  • Medicaid Fee: $709 (CHAPS NOT REQUIRED)

  • Our Fee: $9,581.00

TOTAL FEES:$13,500.00


We Can Help You With This Process.

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