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Texas Licensing Certification & Compliance

"Need a License, Come to a Licensing Firm"

We Specialize in Healthcare Licensing

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No Risk. No Reward.

Obtaining a healthcare license is one of the most SAFEST investments because it hinges on the worlds most value possession, human life. Once you have invested your time and money and have obtain the license required the value will accrue. If your start a license with us and should choose not to proceed, we will buy it back.  Please believe It is worth money to someone.

Wise Words Being Spoken


Our Services

Are not complicated. We help people start businesses that work. Their success becomes our success.

Patient X-ray
Initial State Licensing

We provide guidance and direction and in acquiring the company’s initial State Licensing. We specialize in getting various types of companies duly licensed..

Initial State Licensing
Nurse with Patient
Renewal of State License

Renewing a State License is never easy not matter how many times you have done it. In-fact it seems to get harder every year as new rules and regulations are put in place.  We specialize in getting various types of license renewed...

Renewal of State License
Shaking Hands
Change of Ownership.png
Change of Ownership

Buying a company is one thing but doing a change of ownership is another.If  a change of ownership is not done properly is could jeopardize the business and license..

Change of Ownership
Medical Specialists
Medicaid & Medicare

Acquiring a Medicare or Medicaid Number can be a never ending process if you are not aware of the required documents and steps involved. Instead of trying to figure out this process, why not get a expert to help..

Medicaid & Medicare
Signing a Contract
State & Federal Contract Consulting

Getting a contract with the State is a powerful step in the right direction. We can expedite this process and make this a whole lot easier.

State & Federal Contract Consulting
Contract Review
Policies & Procedures

Operating a State Licensed Agency is never easy but it can be if you have well written policies and procedures. In fact it is not possible to pass a state site survey inspection without having policies and procedures.

Policies & Procedures 
Are Better (Sample Policy)

Why You Should Choose Us

We have over 19 YEARS of business management and successful operation thereof. We have successfully established and/or managed literally 100’s of businesses. We understand the challenges small business owners face and can provide practical and proven solutions.

In addition to the above, we possess a wealth of knowledge on city, state and federal rules and regulations as it relates to business start-up’s, licensing and compliance with the regulatory boards. We specialize in consulting for business start-ups and being a go-to resource for existing business owners.

We are proud to be family owned and operated, and we are proud to continue to treat each one of our clients just like they are part of our family.

Why Choose Us

We're Proudly Serving in the Following States

Alabama• Alaska •Arizona •Arkansas •California •Colorado •Connecticut •Delaware •Florida •Georgia •Hawaii •Idaho •Illinois •Indiana •Iowa •Kansas •Kentucky •Louisiana •Maine •Maryland •Massachusetts •Michigan •Minnesota •Mississippi •Missouri •Montana •Nebraska •Nevada •New Hampshire •New Jersey •New Mexico •New York •North Carolina •North Dakota •Ohio •Oklahoma •Oregon •Pennsylvania •Rhode Island •South Carolina •South Dakota •Tennessee •Texas •Utah •Vermont •Virginia •Washington •West Virginia  •Wisconsin •Wyoming

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